VR01 Luigino Verducci, a craftman’s visionary intuition

Tradition, innovation, evolution.

Luigino Verducci is a company specializing in the handmade production of footwear for cyclists.

But before becoming the owner of a renowned company specialized in cycling sports shoes, Luigino Verducci has always been a passionate artisan who, at the age of 13, designed and made shoes in his father’s workshop.

It is a perpetuated family tradition, a manufacturing art that is not incidental in Italy, in Le Marche, in Porto Sant’Elpidio, in a province that has always been synonymous with excellence in the world.

From tradition to sport

How does a Luigino Verducci shoe come into life?

It comes into life because one has to have a vision, and Luigino certainly had one.

It was when his daughter Sara (a young roller-skater) started developing foot problems during a training that Luigino took her shoes in his hands and said, “We can do better, darling.”

On that very same day, in 1992, Luigino Verducci started focusing on his new goal: putting his many years of experience at the service of sport.

The mission, since 25 years, is to create technical sports shoes that are good-looking, comfortable, durable, but most of all, highly performing.

From skating to cyclism

It was a short step from skating to cycling. Once again, Luigino’s vision proved him right.

Years of hard work, studying, analyses and searching for new materials followed. Years of commitment and dedication which soon repaid all the efforts and the sacrifices that were made.
Eventually, Luigino began his first collaborations in high-level cycling.
Professional cyclists started relying on Luigino Verducci’s technical shoes, recognizing a high level of comfort, a fundamental feature that facilitates foot movement for a more powerful and competitive pedaling.
Nowadays, Luigino Verducci’s company produces sports footwear for cyclists of extraordinary quality and performance.

An entirely handmade technical shoe designed to help the performance of professionals and to further enhance the passion of all cycling enthusiasts.