Craftsmanship, an absolute value

The emotion of wearing a small work of art

Choosing a “Handmade” production is undoubtedly a conscious choice.
Luigino Verducci devoted his whole production to it, probably his whole life as well.
Every shoe, every single cycling shoe, is entirely handmade, as it used to be in the good old times, according to a tradition and an excellence recognized the world over.

Every stage of production is carried out painstakingly and with patience. Each detail is followed by the human eye and cared for by the ability of Luigino’s hands.
Luigino Verducci’s cycling shoes are the result of a meticulous search for quality and beauty, “a second skin” that, when worn, makes you feel original and unique.

Each detail and each finish are part of an artisanal craftsmanship.
The design of the model, the cut of the uppers, the seams, the assembling and the finishing touches are entirely handmade.
A distinctive and qualitative element of high prestige that gives an absolute value to Luigino Verducci’s technical cycling shoes.

Therefore, the VR01 is not an ordinary shoe, instead, it is the result of a careful and painstaking expertise that comes from the desire to stand out, to make unique those people who feel special in their own passion for cycling while providing them with a reason to feel happy.

Each Luigino Verducci shoe is unique, original, unrepeatable.